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Blog » Muscle gain » Should women gain muscle?

by Lucie Farkas
Personal trainer at Educogym North Wicklow, age 34, mom of 2

As a personal trainer for many years, I have worked with a lot of women who want to get into great shape. I am accustomed to hearing women say “Oh, I wouldn’t like to lift weights, I would be afraid I would grow muscles”
The truth is, this is a complete misconception, gaining muscle is THE way for women to a body that’s in great shape and have higher energy levels. Typically women want a toned body. But that lean, toned look is in fact a result of  increased muscle. You see, women don’t have the same testosterone levels as men, so they respond very differently to resistance training. Due to the very different hormone balance, women don’t put up bulky muscle. What muscle gain for women means is a toned and streamlined shape.

Here’s how muscle is your weight loss friend:

It is the best defence against gaining body fat, as it can speed up your metabolism so that you burn fat and calories at a much faster rate. So not only does muscle help you to tone up, it also makes it easier for you to maintain your new shape. In essence, you replace unsightly, sagging flab, with a stronger core and a lean, toned silhouette, while still maintaining feminine curves.

Your friend for health and longevity.

On the health front, women begin to lose bone density as soon as they enter their 30’s. Building muscle can help prevent this as training with heavy weights stimulates bone growth throughout the body. It also strengthens tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue in the body so keeps you more balanced, and prevents falls etc.  It is also great for strengthening your core. Having a tight abdomen prevents back pain and helps you develop better posture.

My Story

Before starting the Educogym programme, I had very little muscle and I always felt very tired, weak and soft. Training only 20 minutes 3 times a week I toned up in just few months and rather than getting bulky, I found myself getting more toned and sculpted, losing fat off my body and inches off my waist. I was surprised to find other benefits :  my energy levels are so high, I have so much drive, I am sleeping better and my overall well being was transformed.  As a mom of 2 I know from personal experience that weight training and muscle gain also helped me with leaner pregnancy, my energy levels and strength throughout all trimesters and my postpartum recovery was much easier. I was able to get back into my shape in just 4 months!
As a trainer at Educogym North Wicklow, I have trained many women, mainly looking for weight loss. Using this approach has produced spectacular results. Not only do my clients burn a lot more fat, but replacing it with muscle literally rejuvenates, increases their mental focus and energy levels, resulting in them getting not only their body, but their whole life into shape.
I’d highly recommend this revolutionary approach to anyone and believe you’ll be amazed by the results.

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