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Educogym® uses a carefully crafted system based on scientific research. Read about the different elements to understand how we can completely transform both your health and your shape.


An ‘actual’ understanding of any system is vital for success. Read ‘The Problem’, ‘The Mistake’ and ‘The Answer’ to fully understand the necessary steps needed to make a dramatic change to your health, energy and body shape!


As we age we lose 30% of our muscle mass¹. After the age of 30, we lose muscle at the rate of about half a pound a year. Unfortunately, this also includes muscle mass from our vital organs.


When people find themselves becoming overweight, they generally start doing aerobics. Research shows that an hour of aerobics, if the calorie intake stays constant, cause weight loss.


An hour of aerobics, depending on how vigorous, would burn approximately 400 to 500 calories per day. Endlessly you see the ads on TV promising the latest and greatest workout equipment.



Studies have shown that there are three vital elements needed to produce real results. Educogym® has created a system that teaches you to Focus, Train and Nourish. Combined, these tools create a synergistic force to empower you to a complete transformation (see results).


It has long been known that an increase in the body’s lean muscle tissue causes an increase in metabolism; the rate at which the body burns food and body fat for energy.


If you have read the science behind the Educogym® you will understand the importance of maintaining or increasing muscle. It makes sense that exercise is a part of this system to activate the muscle in the body. However, you may not know that many types of exercise can be catabolic - i.e. they causes muscle loss.


The aim of the Educogym® Nutrition Program is to educate clients in how they can draw out their perfect body from within.