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Blog » Gym News » East Coast FM's Drive For Fitness!

Dave Harrington & Aisling Barrett are on a mission to get into a great shape! They have started the 6 week challenge, Drive For Fitness today beginning with our famous 12 day programme! Training only 20 minutes with our proven scientific system on our 'time machine',  guideded and motivated by our trainers. They have set clear goals for what they want to achieve using their mind and body! 

Our famous 12 day programme is based on a university study where you train at high intensity and no rest, for 20 minutes. The main focus is to gain lean muscle tissue, as the more muscle you have in your body, the more youll burn fat. Having a clear goal improves your success rate. We map out a clear mental picture, and show you techniques to visualise your goal. We also teach you how to concentrate when exercising, so you get a mental workout, as well as a physical one.

The Educogym "Time Machine" is designed so you can go to one exercise to another without resting. As it allows you to train more intensly, it activates your metabolism so you can achieve  more results in less time. It also has a rejuvenating effect on the body by replacing lost muscle and turning back the clock!

We are absolutely delighted to have Dave & Aisling training with us, and we cant wait to help them achieve their goals.

Stay tuned to East Coast FM, and our social media to see how Dave & Aisling are getting on as their journey progresses!