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Benefits of Amino Energise

Do you know the amazing befenits of our fantastic Amino Energise?

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Benefits of Weight Training For Seniors

Did you know that as we age, we lose 30% of our muscle mass? 

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Cholesterol is the word that scares most people after the age of 40 as it it is known for causing a heart attack and stroke. The usual strategy after finding out that you have a high cholesterol is some type of medication. But is that really necessary, or are there any other and even better options available? Irish genetics tend to give us high cholesterol and it seems like most people around us always complain about having a high cholesterol. So how do we deal with this problem and is cholesterol really the bad guy here? 

In fact a lack of cholesterol is quite dangerous as it has been associated with a higher level of cancer and it also leads to higher rates of depression.

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